May 29, 2019

nQueue Newsletter March 2019

Thank You nQueue Clients!
2019 is off to a great start here at nQueue and
we have several updates to share with you.
Please take a minute to catch up on what’s new.

Welcome to the 5th Generation!
Our development team spent most of 2018 updating all of our products to our new Fifth Generation paradigm. Print management, scanning/routing and cost recovery are now fully decoupled from cost recovery. Our new Command Center provides true load balancing and fail-over functionality. All functions are now within our software, so there is no need to switch back and forth from the native copier screen. And workflows are now easier to setup and can be accessed with a single button.

What’s So Important about Queues?
nQueue’s InfoRoute 5 includes a new feature called “queues,” which allow a user to scan and process a document, but have it queue up in a holding place for manual intervention. Once it is released from this queue, the document automatically continues to its intended destination. Why is this important? Quality assurance is just one of the use cases. Scanned documents can be QA’d for OCR and scan accuracy—
and still end up where they belong in the DMS.

For example, if you are scanning a document to be routed to your DMS and want to QA it, you can put it in a queue and have it stop first for QA. Once that is done it will then proceed automatically to wherever you sent it, with no need to re-input the final destination.

Interested in Upgrading? Provided that you are up to date on your maintenance, you are eligible to receive all upgrades and updates at no cost for the software under our Buy-It-Once Guarantee. Please note there may be a charge for implementation services. Contact Patty Robertson and we will get you information and on the schedule. Here is a link to current products for your review.

Unlimited Workflows
Our Fifth Generation products allow for unlimited workflows that can be customized for specific users.
Does a partner want to just press one button? We can create a workflow for them to just tap their badge! Want to build unique interfaces for specific professionals or groups? We can build different buttons for different groups. Want to add metadata to a file during the scan process? We can build a process for that, too.

nQueue is the Safe Harbor
By now, it’s no secret that our primary competitors, Copitrak, Equitrac, NSI and eCopy have all been purchased by private-equity backed robotic process automation company Kofax. We hope you know that we value you and are proud to have you in the nQueue family. We are committed to continue delivering value for you.

• We have had the same leadership since our founding in 2003.
And we are not owned by private equity, so we are not looking to quickly maximize profits by cutting costs so we can flip the company.

• Our implementation and customer support are legendary.
Most of the clients we’ve taken away from our competitors over the years have been out of frustration for their service. Our clients, on the other hand, love our implementation and support teams. You can ask them.

• We can look you in the eye and tell you that we will continue to support every product we sell. And we do not charge for updates or upgrades, so you’ll always be on a new system.

nQueue in the news
The nQueue family keeps growing.
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