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Transform Your Law Firm With iManage's AI-Powered Cloud Document Management System

For your law firm or any companies with plenty of documents to grow, you need a way to manage, and extract them quickly and easily. iManage is a robust Document and Email Management System (DEMS) in the cloud that connects information, processes, and people while leveraging data to fuel deep insights and informed decisions to help your firm grow.

From organizing critical case files that unlock expertise, driving closer work collaborations, and protecting sensitive information or IPs under your care, iManage proprietary DMS delivers unified intelligence and knowledge across the firm.

More Than 1 Million+ Professionals Trust iManage


of Global 100 Law Firms use iManage


of the Fortune 100 use iManage

240 hours

saved per user searching for documents

(Source: Forrester, 2020)

Created to meet the needs of law firms

Whether you are a law firm managing partner, you know your business is facing challenges. You must meet profitability targets, retain top talent, and ensure client satisfaction and employee happiness. You need a cost-efficient Document and Email Management System (DEMS) platform to help you do everything. That’s where iManage comes in. With iManage, you can connect documents and emails to transform information into high-value knowledge.

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A platform that is as savvy as your lawyers

No one knows how critical knowledge is more than lawyers. iManage is the preferred Document Management System that lets you make knowledge work with an encrypted electronic document management system and secure collaborative platform to unlock expertise that will drive winning outcomes.

Built for law firms

iManage is secure. It’s fast. It’s an AI-powered cloud Document Management System that lawyers enjoy using. And it’s here to help your law firm.

Automatically organizes documents

iManage organizes documents and emails into folders based on client, project, or legal matters. This framework places all important information in context and at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on delivering value.

Give your legal team a better way to work

Whether your legal team prefers mobile or desktop, they can create, collaborate, find, and share information – from anywhere. iManage is engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience on the cloud.

A single source of truth

iManage is an AI-powered cloud Document Management System that provides a single secure location for documents and emails across your law firm.

All the integrations you need from Word to Gmail

Reimagine the future of work with iManage, integrated with productivity suite tools like Microsoft 365, Outlook, Word, Teams, Gmail, and Google Workspace, so that your legal team can get work done in fewer steps.

Harness collective intelligence

Derive game-changing insights with all your documents and emails in one systematically organized source so you can see the bigger picture, strategize collectively and drive better outcomes.

Boost productivity

Drive engagement and speed up legal team document turnarounds by eliminating roadblocks, removing data silos, and empowering your legal team to access the confidential information they need instantly.

Regulator approved security

Safeguard your documents and emails with advanced regulator-approved security features such as data loss prevention, need-to-know policy controls, encryption, and comprehensive governance in workflow automation – all without impacting access or knowledge flow. iManage cloud security is built on Zero Trust architecture to afford the most robust protection of your vital information.

Reduce cost and complexity

Compared to managing on-premise systems, iManage is a more sensible solution to reduce cost and complexity while increasing law firm agility. Services are scalable to match your law firm’s requirements.

Awards and Recognition

The iManage knowledge work platform and AI technologies are renowned across the global business landscape

imanage Rated 4 stars by G2 Crowd

Rated 4 stars by G2 Crowd

The KMWorld Reader's Choice Award for Document Management 2021

The KMWorld Reader’s Choice Award for Document Management 2021

Best SaaS for Improved Productivity in 2020

Best SaaS for Improved Productivity in 2020

iManage Work made the shortlist in the Best SaaS for Improved Productivity category.

iManage received a Breakthrough Award for Knowledge Unlocked

Knowledge Management Platform of the Year 2020

iManage received a Breakthrough Award for Knowledge Unlocked, beating a field of 1,250 LegalTech competitors.

iManage - 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2020

100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2020

iManage was included in Knowledge Management World’s list of knowledge management leaders in 2020.

iManage - Top 10 Legal Tech Solution Providers 2019

Top 10 Legal Tech Solution Providers 2019

iManage was named one of the top legal tech solution providers of 2019 in APAC CIO Outlook.

iManage DMS - New IT Product of the Year 2018

New IT Product of the Year 2018

Extract was praised for extracting key data points from unstructured documents using AI at the British Legal Technology Awards.

iManage DMS - Best Use of Technology 2018

Best Use of Technology 2018

iManage was recognized for using AI technology to combat complex cases of fraud and corruption in the Eclipse Proclaim Modern Law Awards.

Financial Times Logo

Top 10 Legal Technology 2018

iManage was honored for RAVN AI technology for contract management and legal operations in the Financial Times Intelligent Business 35.

Imanage - Innovative Solution Provider of the Year 2018

Innovative Solution Provider of the Year 2018

iManage received the legal tech innovation award for Extract and Threat Manager from the International Legal Technology Association

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