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We expanded our business regionally and have representative office in Singapore and Philippines to be closer to our customers

Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd (BNS) was founded in 1996. It was formed as a Systems Integration company to serve the burgeoning market of PCs, Servers and Networking. Over the years as the business evolved and experiences gained, BNS begin to converge and focused on the business verticals of the legal firms, consulting & accounting firms and SMEs. We have since expanded our business regionally and have representative office in Singapore and Philippines to be closer to our customers.

It is not what we do. It is who we are to our customers, employees and vendors. When companies ponder upon their vision and mission, it is normally about being number one of something, or being the most revered of something else, or making the best product and so forth.

When we reflected upon who we are, we realized that many of our customers have been with us for almost two decades. Some have left us, but eventually came back to us for continued advise, service and support. It goes to reason that our customers have stayed with us all these years because they can fully trust us inherently and rely on our advice we have for them. Why is this so? We realized that we are not about our products, solutions or what we do operationally. It is about all the hard work and goodwill that have been built and invested over almost 2 decades of our existence. With trust comes integrity and credibility, which is why our customers come back again and again to solicit our advice and direction on what they need to do, and then some. This is more important and urgent now, especially in the age of cloud, anywhere access from difference devices, where our clients entrusts us with their data, and we are managing their environment in our managed services offerings, they are effectively putting their livelihood, their information, their IP in our hands. So, at our very core, we are built upon the foundations of Trust, Integrity and Credibility in partnering all our clients, prospects, principals and our fellow employees.

Our Vision : We are Total Trusted Advisors, biased only to our clients, prospects and our fellow employees, geared for the betterment in all their professional endeavors.

Our Mission : For an entire information environment for our clients, prospects and fellow employees, we make it our mission to!

  1. Teach the importance of processes and workflow of all information and documents
  2. Inform the stakeholders of all possible avenues of increasing efficiencies and reducing redundancies
  3. Partner the stakeholders as a trusted advisor on all possible scenarios of enhanced savings and/or reduced wastage
  4. Cost-recover all possible revenue and profit leakages
  5. Promote performance, efficiencies and competitiveness of our stakeholders for their market, with our suite of solutions

Gerald Toh : Technical Director
Susan Foo : CFO
Joshua Tan
: Managing Director
Nicholas Foo: Founder, Sales Director

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What We Do

CoreMatter : Cloud Legal Practice Management and Accounting

CoreMatter is a web-based Legal Accounting and Practice Management Solution. It allows the user to access their...

Document Management System (DMS) : iManage

We implement the world’s best DMS, iManage Work without borders for your Law Firm and Corporate Legal...

Cost Recovery System : nQueue

Most firms are finding that they are recovering less from copies each year. Ten years ago, almost 97% of all clients

Email & Security : Microsoft O365

We offer end-to-end Microsoft O365 deployment services. Microsoft Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud...

Print Management System : Pharos

Pharos from Pharos Systems International, Inc. is the recognized industry leader in providing enterprise print asset...

IT Advisory, Outsource, Networks. Maintenance & Support Services

We manage your IT so that you can manage your core business. In our Managed Services offerings, our...

High level of competence

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10 years
20 years
nQueue – Cost Recovery System
12 years
Microsoft O365
9 years
Print Management System – Pharos
15 years
IT Advisory, Outsource, Networks. Maintenance & Support Services
24 years

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Whom we serve

We focus on the following specific areas for our clients

Law Firms & Corporate Legal, Consulting and Accounting Firms, Small Medium Enterprises

  • CoreMatter – Cloud Legal Practice Management and Accounting
  • Document Management System - iManage
  • nQueue – Cost Recovery System
  • Email & Security – Microsoft O365
  • IT Advisory, Outsource, Networks. Maintenance & Support Services

Law Firms & Corporate Legal

  • Print Management System – Pharos
  • nQBillBack – Cost Recovery System

Consulting and Accounting Firms

  • Email & Security – Microsoft O365
  • IT Advisory, Outsource, Networks. Maintenance & Support Services

Small Medium Enterprises


Expanding beyond ourselves

This is a specialized business. It is very challenging to serve the legal community. One needs to invest decades in this community to understand their modus operandi and the way they think. What makes them tick, what motivates them, what irritates them.  But the reward is years of lasting client relationship and profitable friendship, both ways. And because this is a tightly knitted community, word gets around. Our clients refer us. Again, and again. This is the same throughout the entire Asia Pacific region. 

That is why we are adding new clients, new users, almost on a weekly basis.  Not everyone can do this. But we have done it, after serving them for more than 2 decades.  We wish to continue this for decades to come. To grow the business even more, exponentially. To expand and engage more firms in the region. To continue to serve them. We need to expand beyond ourselves, but we are finite.  Hence, if you can help us expand beyond ourselves, please speak to us at email-us@bnsasia.biz 

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