User Print Management
Pharos Systems International, Inc. is the recognized industry leader in providing enterprise print asset
management and cost-recovery solutions to both corporate office and higher education environments. 

Pharos Systems International, Inc. is the recognized industry leader in providing enterprise print asset management and cost-recovery solutions to both corporate office and higher education environments.

With over a decade of experience, Pharos help customers track, monitor, audit, and control their print and copy assets to reduce waste, optimize performance, guide the purchase of new devices, and make the most of existing ones.

Blueprint Enterprise

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise, the industry-leading Enterprise Print Asset Management software solution from
Pharos Systems, is an easy-to-implement, manageable, and highly customizable way for you to understand
exactly what your organization is spending on print, and to then turn that knowledge into significant and
measurable savings for your company. Pharos Blueprint Enterprise blends innovation with simplicity and
reliability to assess, optimize, account for, and maximize output assets across your enterprise.

Unprint Office

The Uniprint Office software solution from Pharos Systems provides your organization with cost control,
convenience, and confidentiality by tracking, monitoring, measuring, and accounting for all network printing.
And by facilitating Departmental Chargeback and notification of printing costs, Pharos Uniprint Office not
only reduces output, but also helps change employee behavior and involves them in the cost-savings process.

Integrated MFP

Eliminating the IT staff headaches that stem from incompatible solutions offered by multiple vendors,
Integrated Multifunction Printers provide a seamless, unified, and well-constructed offering of services to
cater to the varied printing and copying needs of office employees. Pharos Systems software, built directly
inside Integrated Multifunction Printers, make this wide range of services available from a single,
touch-panel user interface.

Omega Network Terminal

The Pharos Omega PS150 is a small, easy-to-use, and highly customizable print network terminal device
that enables advanced print and copy control functionality for your organization. By acting as a gateway
to Pharos software, the Omega provides a wide range of cost recovery and secure print release functions
that allow you to maximize your investment in document output technology.