With over 18 years in software development and over 250,000 users worldwide,
DocAuto provides software and consulting services for WorkSite and SharePoint.
DocAuto family of products, bundled together with our iManage Work solution for our Legal and Law Firms clientele provides total end-to-end document and email management, ease of administration and seamless deployment

DocAuto provides the following functionalities:

DocAuto Server
The DocAuto Server™ is a unified tool set for creating, scheduling, managing, and executing jobs created and associated with the DocAuto Server’s Modules, DocAuto legacy applications, and other 3rd-party applications.
DocAuto Workspace Manager
DocAuto’s WorkSpace Manager™ is the gold standard for Matter-Centric management within iManage Work.  This application is the only single tool for automating creation and management of the entire Matter-Centric environment while exclusively utilizing the approved three-tier architecture of iManage Work for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability.
iImport for iManage Work
iImport™ is the most powerful tool for importing external content directly into iManage Work and provides automated or on-demand job options and substantial file-by-file or folder-by-folder workflow processing capabilities.
ePredict for iManage Work
ePredict™ provides real-time “zero additional click” tagging of mail messages by predicting and suggesting iManage Work destination folders based on the e-mail’s addresses and subject line text. ePredict tags messages that are then processed on the server side by DocAuto’s Exchange Importer Module (EIM).
Refiling Module for iManage Work
The Refiling Module™ takes refiling out of the hands of end-users and eliminates user-driven or client-side refiling of structural and document metadata and/or security.
Watchdog Module for DocAuto Server
The Watchdog Module™ for DocAuto Server creates peace of mind by letting you know what is happening in iManage as it happens.  This module allows administrators to set up simple rules to track document activity based on multiple filters such as users, groups, clients, and more.  This module helps prevent content theft, checks for unauthorized use of intellectual property, and provides an instant notification of suspicious user activity at an organizational level.
DocID for iManage Work and Microsoft Word
DocAuto’s DocID products are the most reliable, safe, and powerful document identification tools available for Microsoft Word and iManage Work.  DocAuto’s DocID products ensure that document identification information is correct, up to date, and applied to every document created and saved in your system. DocID products also ensure that this information never damages existing document body, header, or footer content.

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