Manage your content intelligently from anywhere
Today, we conduct business from anywhere and everywhere—from remote offices, airports, client sites,
and even as we commute. When you can connect to your information easily, securely, and in real
time, you ultimately improve profitability and customer service because you have what you need when you need it.
Using iManage Work (formerly HP Worksite), the award-winning document and email management solution, you can manage all of your business documents and email intelligently from anywhere. We make information accessible from desktops, laptops, the internet, and mobile devices. iManage Work helps you work in ways that are consistent with your business policies and vision. We help you collaborate more across distributed teams using a range of applications that help you simplify how you work and increase your productivity. iManage Work provides support from any device or access point to manage all content electronically.

We are iManage Work (formerly HP Worksite) certified and have carried out numerous iManage Work deployment and implementations across many Legal Firms in Malaysia and around the South East Asian region.